Faith Place and Migration
Staffordshire Street Gallery, 8-17.03.24, London.

This multi-media installation introduces the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of London's oldest Nigerian community, the Old Kent Road Mosque. Through this exhibition, the curators question the nature of a community archive and explore how the narratives of community members are embedded in and told through the architecture of their sacred spaces.


Chapter 8: Performing the Symbiotic Relationship Between the Adapted Mosque and its Congregation.
Negotiating Identities, Language and Migration in Global London: Bridging Borders, Creating Spaces. Multilingual Matters, 2024.

The chapter examines the role of artistic fieldwork in performing mosques' religious identities, resulting in greater reflection, ownership, and empowerment for the communities involved. The chapter concludes by discussing the wider dissemination and impact of the research on local communities and associated parties through a series of site performances and an international audience visiting the Three British Mosques exhibition at the Venice Biennale in 2021.


Assembly: Investigating the role that artist fieldwork can play in Islamic sites of worship.
"Spiritual, Sacred, Secular" special issue, 2023.

This photo essay reflects upon the impact of Assembly (2018–2021) using the methodology “site-integrity”, a mode of site-specific practice that potentiates an exchange between site, artist, device, and the users or inhabitants of the site, its community. Made with and for each faith community, Assembly enables an ethical and sensitive exploration of the dynamics of users in these site-specific contexts.



Assembly 2018-21
Brick Lane Mosque, London, Old Kent Road Mosque, London, Harrow Central Mosque, London.

Assembly is a series of site-specific installations that perform Islamic prayer spaces, made and exhibited in Brick Lane Mosque (2018 –19); and Old Kent Road Mosque (2019–20). The moving image installations are made in collaboration with each mosque community establishing clear guidelines for the filming process, ensuring an ethical, non-intrusive approach that respects the sacred moment of worship.


Site-integrity: An embedded and embodied approach to practice based research.
The Art of Making: Methods that Work for Artmaking as Research Enquiry / Scene / Vol.11.2023

This article examines the key features of practice-based research through an analysis of ‘site-integrity’. By making artworks with and for a site-specific community, site-integrity directly responds to the social, religious, political and architectural discourses present. By implicitly performing involvements in, as opposed to observations on site, the research activity becomes an embedded engagement in the world of which it is part.


Virtual Assembly 2022
Ambika P3 Gallery, London

Virtual Assembly is an interactive digital model of Old Kent Road Mosque and MANUK (Muslim Association of Nigeria UK) due to the demolition and redevelopment of their mosque on Old Kent Road in Southwark. Prior to the demolition, a LiDAR scan of the entire building was made which served as the foundation for an interactive model to house a collection of stories and personal accounts from mosque members. Made in collaboration with the congregation this interactive model offers innovative ways to engage with the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of London’s oldest Nigerian community during a significant phase of their evolutionary journey.



Moving Pictures 2022-24
Zoroastrian Centre For Europe, London

This RIBA-funded project examines the adaptive reuse of cinemas as places of worship in the diaspora. To understand the wider context, the team visited a selection of cinemas that have been reused as mosques, temples and black-majority churches across the UK.


Alliances and Commonalities 2024
Artistic research conference, 17–19 October, Stockholm University of the Arts.

This conference will explore how technical devices enable conversations with material entities, places, and relevant forms of inquiry. Technological devices are considered tools for engagement, imaginative tools that connect the known and the unimaginable and activate relationships between here and there, then and now.


Virtual Assembly: Exploring the adapted British mosque through interactive Digital heritage modeling.
“Urgency of the Digital” special issue, 2025

This paper introduces Virtual Assembly (2023), an interactive architectural model depicting the former Old Kent Road Mosque in London. It explores how the interactive model serves as an experiential archive, bringing to life the lived experiences and embodied knowledge of users through interaction. It offers innovative ways to engage with the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of London's oldest Nigerian community during a significant phase of their evolutionary journey.