Faith, Place and Migration, curated by Shahed Saleem and Julie Marsh in collaboration with the Old Kent Road Mosque community. Staffordshire Street Gallery, 7-17 March 2024

Connected Creativity: A Transatlantic Exhibition of Practice-Based Research that marks the beginning of a collaboration between creative practitioners from both sides of the Atlantic. Ambika P3 Gallery, London, 28-30 March 2023

Virtual Assembly, the exhibition showcased a series of immersive architectural models depicting the former Old Kent Road Mosque in Southwark. Ambika P3 Gallery, London, 21-28 March 2023

Siting Cinemaa research project that explores the cinema space as site through a film installation made and performed in Regent Street Cinema prior to film screenings, September 2022

Three British Mosques, three Assembly films were exhbibited as part of the V&A Pavillion for La Biennale di Venezia 2021. 
Curated by architect Shahed Saleem and the V&A

Assembly at Old Kent Road Mosque, a live stream event took place as part of the Muslim Council of Britain’s ‘Visit My Mosque’ event, June 2020

Assembly at Brick Lane Mosque, the Jamme Masjid invited the general public into the main prayer hall and female prayer room, providing an opportunity for Muslims and non-Muslims to experience congregational first-hand via the site performances. May 2018 & Oct 2019

Site-integrity at Black Box Symposium, this exhibition showcased a number of artworks using the research methodology S-I, CAS (Centre for Audiovisual Studies) FAMU, Prague, May 2021

Siting Cinema, a live performance of the cinema was shown as part of SCREEN Moving Image Festival, Barcelona, June 2019

Pestera, site-specific installation shown as part of Art Encounters at the intersection between an experimental art festival and a contemporary art biennial in Romania, July 2018

Lokomotywownia, The Starmach Gallery in Krakow hosted the project and orgnaised a series of site visits to the site-specific work based at a disused railway interchange, Feb 2018

Siting Cinema at Sputnik-Kino, a live performance of the cinema was shown as part of Berlin Short Film Festival, Jan 2018

Moving Site/Sight, a solo exhibition held at Meetfactory, the International Centre of Contemporary Art, Prague, Nov 2017