Faith, Place and Migration, curated by Shahed Saleem and Julie Marsh in collaboration with the Old Kent Road Mosque community. Staffordshire Street Gallery, 7-17 March 2024

Connected Creativity: A Transatlantic Exhibition of Practice-Based Research that marks the beginning of a collaboration between creative practitioners from both sides of the Atlantic. Ambika P3 Gallery, London, 28-30 March 2023

Virtual Assembly, the exhibition showcased a series of immersive architectural models depicting the former Old Kent Road Mosque in Southwark. Ambika P3 Gallery, London, 21-28 March 2023

Siting Cinema is a research project that explores the cinema space as site through a film installation made and performed in Regent Street Cinema, September 2022

Three British Mosques, V&A Pavillion for La Biennale di Venezia 2021. 
Curated by architect Shahed Saleem and the V&A

Assembly at Old Kent Road Mosque, a live stream of the event also took place as part of the Muslim Council of Britain’s ‘Visit My Mosque’, June 2020

Jammat: the Jamme Masjid invited the general public into the main prayer hall and female prayer room, providing an opportunity for Muslims and non-Muslims to experience congregational first-hand via the site performances. May 2018 & Oct 2019

Site-integrity at Black Box Symposium, this exhibition showcased a number of artworks using the research methodology S-I, CAS (Centre for Audiovisual Studies) FAMU, Prague, May 2021

Siting Cinema, a live performance of the cinema was shown as part of SCREEN Moving Image Festival, Barcelona, June 2019

Pestera, site-specific installation shown as part of Art Encounters at the intersection between an experimental art festival and a contemporary art biennial in Romania, July 2018

Lokomotywownia, The Starmach Gallery in Krakow hosted the project and orgnaised a series of site visits to the site-specific work based at a disused railway interchange, Feb 2018

Siting Cinema at Sputnik-Kino, a live performance of the cinema was shown as part of Berlin Short Film Festival, Jan 2018

Moving Sites/Sights, a solo exhibition held at Meetfactory, the International Centre of Contemporary Art, Prague, Nov 2017