Virtual Assembly: the transformative power of artistic collaboration and experiential archiving.
(ISEA), 2024.

Virtual Assembly: Exploring the Adapted British Mosque through Interactive Digital Heritage Modelling in
"Urgency of the Digital" special issue, 2025.
Site-integrity: a dynamic exchange between site, device and community.
The Space of Image: Architectural Experience through Media, 2024.

Site-integrity: An embedded and embodied approach to. practice-based research.
Scene, Volume 11, 2023.

Chapter 8: Performing the Symbiotic Relationship Between the Adapted Mosque and its Congregation.
Three British Mosques
Foolscap Editions

Assembly: Performing The Materiality of Muslim Prayer Space

Site-Integrity: A Dynamic Exchange Between Site, Artist and Audience

Assembly at Brick Lane Mosque
Exhibition catalogue