Upcoming: Virtual Assembly: exploring the adapted British mosque through interactive digital heritage modeling. Urgency of the Digital special issue, International Journal of Islamic Architecture, 2025. 

This paper introduces Virtual Assembly (2023) and explores how the interactive model serves as an experiential archive, bringing to life the lived experiences and embodied knowledge of users through interaction.


Assembly: investigating the role that artist fieldwork can play in Islamic sites of worship. Between the Sacred and Secular: Faith, Space, and Place in the Twenty-First Century, Architecture and Culture special issue, 2023.

The visual essay examines the role of artistic fieldwork in performing mosques' religious identities, resulting in greater reflection, ownership, and empowerment for the communities involved.


Site-integrity: an embedded and embodied approach to practice-based research.The Art of Making: Methods for Research. Scene, Volume 11, 2023.

This article examines the key features of practice-based research through an analysis of ‘site-integrity’. By implicitly performing involvements in, as opposed to observations on site, the research activity becomes an embedded engagement in the world of which it is part.


Chapter 8: performing the symbiotic relationship between the adapted mosque and its congregation. 
Negotiating Identities, Language and Migration in Global London: Bridging Borders, Creating Spaces. Multilingual Matters, 2024.


British Mosques
Edited by Shahed Saleem, Christopher Turner and Ella Kilgallon with contributions from Julie Marsh, 

Born out of two projects at the Venice Architecture Biennale and the V&A, British Mosques brings together perspectives from curators, architects and artists. Using approaches ranging from archival study to site-specific installations and 3D scanning, together they tell the story of a hybrid architecture that has quietly found its place in Britain’s urban landscape.


Site-integrity: a dynamic exchange between site, artist, device and audience. JAR (Journal for Artist Research), Issue19

Site-integrity repositions the act of representation from its retrospective or projective dimensions towards that which is performed and is experiential. This exposition presents three specific projects; Assembly, Moving Site/Sight and Screen Space that explore temporal relations with space and place via motorised recording/display devices that contributes (not exclusively) to a specific practice - site-integrity.


Assembly: Performing The Materiality of Muslim Prayer Space. Scene, Volume 6, Issue 2, 2018.

This article reflects on the significance and impact of Assembly, a site-specific research project made and exhibited in Birmingham Central Mosque, Brick Lane Mosque and Old Kent Road Mosque from 2016 to 2020.