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Winspit Quarry

Disused Quarry, Dorset
Winspit is a site-specific film installation in a disused quarry on the cliffs near Worth Matravers on the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, England. An iPad mounted on a motorised track spans the length of the quarry floor recording the detail of the terrain, scanning the site, like a forensic instrument. The iPad slightly magnifies the actual site underneath; this in turn creates a physical effect for the viewer, as the screen appears to ‘open up’ the ground below. The noise of the motorised rig and the illuminated screen guides the viewer deep into the site. The audience experiences an activation of site, a curious interaction/dialogue between technology and nature, a scientific investigation. Winspit fundamentally questions the relationship between image and so-called real space, and likewise attempts to present moving image in dialogue with natural form.


Documentation of Winspit © Julie Marsh