Screen Space 2016 - 18

Lokomotywownia, Krakow, Poland / Winspit Quarry, Dorset / Space Gallery, Barcelona / The WYE, Berlin

Screen Space explores the space between site and its representation. iPads are mounted on motorised tracks that creak and squeak following their designated path. As the iPad moves over the static architectural site, the exact representation in scale is seen on the screen. The screen's scanning movement simultaneously conceals and reveals the real architectural site below. The rail acts as a time sculpture, a linear displacement of a temporal path, and a delineator of spatial intensities. The iPad acts as a window, a portal and a tool for discovery and attention. Screens themselves are decidedly ambivalent objects, illusionistic windows and physical, material entities at the same time.

How the world is framed has become as important as what is in the frame. In The Virtual Window: From Alberti to Microsoft (2006), Anne Friedberg examines the window as a metaphor, as an architectural component and as an opening to the dematerialised reality we see on the screen. In Screen Space , moving images are presented in dialogue with sculptural form – the viewer experiences the materiality of the site from the inside out, as the reading of details builds the comprehension of architectural space. Through the screen, a duality exists between the perceived real space and screen space, which creates a third space between the two for the mind to enter into and for the body to position itself between. Screen Space has been made and exhibited at four sites: Winspit quarry in Dorset, a disused train repair depot in Krakow, Poland, Space Gallery, Barcelona, and the Wye Gallery in Berlin.


Train repair depot, Krakow, Poland

Lokomotywownia attempts to present moving images in dialogue with sculptural form as tracks are built as a shell of the carriage – the viewer experiences the materiality of the train carriage from the inside out, as the reading of detail builds the comprehension of architectural space.


Disused Quarry, Dorset

Winspit is a site-specific film installation in a disused quarry on the cliffs near Worth Matravers on the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, England. An iPad mounted on a motorised track spans the length of the quarry floor, recording the detail of the terrain and scanning the site like a forensic instrument.


Space Gallery, Barcelona

In Loop a track was created around the edges of an interior space that looped back on itself. The track was used to record the surface of the architectural space using a motorised iPad. The recorded footage was then played back at the same speed it was recorded, highlighting small details that may have gone unnoticed. Instead of being viewed in the dark, the rig became part of the artwork.


Screen Space
The WYE, Berlin

Schlaufe is an installation developed during a research residency in Berlin. It is located in an abandoned domestic space that exposes the room's architecture. The experience is centred around a connection between the virtual image displayed on an iPad and the physical environment itself. The installation allows audiences to engage with the architectural significance of the track upon which the device moves alongside the imagery presented.