Moving Site / Sight 2018 - 2019

MeetFactory Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague / The WYE, Berlin

Moving Site / Sight explores the art space as site. Art institutions are not neutral sites; they operate as spaces for representation. With reference to John Cage’s 'silent' 4'33" (1952) and Yves Klein’s empty gallery, The Void (1958), Moving Site / Sight asks the audience to notice what they might have overlooked in the architectural site. A 360-degree recording device turns both vertically and horizontally in synchronized time, allowing the choreographed movement of the camera to record every detail of the architectural space. The same rig is then used to locate the audience in the physical space, via the visual and aural representation of site. The mechanical rig in Moving Site / Sight explores the architectural space as an extension of the body. Forced into a state of consciousness that demands continual analysis and reflection, the viewer becomes simultaneously lost and found in the work.

Moving Site / Sight gives the machine a role within the artwork itself. The 360-degree rig uses a directional microphone to record the ambient sound of the space, in turn recording the automated movement of the rig makes its presence striking, the machine becomes ‘the star’ of the performance. The art audience is forced to actively look, engage and experience the physical space as the object of art. Moving Site / Sight has been made and exhibited in two sites; Kostka Art Gallery in Prague and the Wye Gallery Berlin.


Moving Site / Sight
MeetFactory Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague

Moving Site / Sight performs one of the galleries at MeetFactory Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague. The gallery is shaped like a cube, converted from what used to be the boiler room of a technical glass manufacturing works. The 360-degree motorised rig is placed in the centre of the space and records the visuals and sound of the empty gallery. The footage is projected on a large floating screen, presented in the centre of the space when the room is cleared and in darkness.


Moving Site / Sight (version 2)
The WYE, Berlin

The Kunstquartier Gallery 1 was transformed into the subject of the artwork for a one-week period; each day, the film would be remade and replayed during the de-installation of the previous exhibition. By transforming the gallery itself into the subject of the artwork, the installation challenges viewers to consider the relationship between the filmic representation and the actual space they inhabit.