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Disused train repair depot, Krakow Poland
Lokomotywownia explores disused industrial heritage sites across Europe. The history of the region, its old technologies, its witness to the passing of time and the transient are brought back into conversation through the rediscovery and intervention of the site. Lokomotywownia is a site-specific installation located in a disused train repair depot in Krakow, Poland. The train’s previous life and its trajectory of motion are mimicked in the reciprocal motion of the iPads – they are alive, the train is now stationary.

Lokomotywownia attempts to present moving images in dialogue with sculptural form as tracks are built as a shell of the carriage – the viewer experiences the materiality of the train carriage from the inside out, as the reading of detail builds the comprehension of architectural space. The captured footage was then played back on eight iPads that move around the space mapping the carriage interior and re-tracing the exact path of the camera, spatially and temporally. As the iPads drifted slowly across the surfaces of the abandoned railway carriage, the exact representation in scale is seen on the screens, highlighting the architectural site below.

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Documentation of Lokomotywownia © Julie Marsh